Firearms Instructor

Category: Law Enforcement

Range 4

The Peacekeepers Training Firearms Instructor School is a 5 day instructor level school specifically designed for law enforcement. This curriculum is POST approved for the state of Missouri.  This course was developed by our instructor staff with over 50 years of combined teaching experience. Most firearms instructor courses focus on skill development of shooting techniques.  Our program additionally prepares participants to teach comprehensive lethal force survival skills, rather than simply teaching others how to shoot.

We believe the only way to properly learn these skills is through participation.  Participants will spend several hours performing the duties of a firearms instructor during live fire courses under the strict supervision of our instructor staff. This provides students with the knowledge and experience to return to their agency already prepared to teach multiple aspects of lethal force encounters.

Participants who successfully pass the requirements of the course will receive a 5 year instructor certification, firearms instructor manual, and a Peacekeepers Training instructor shirt.

Range 2

Length: 50 Hours
Price: $500.00/student
Student Requirements: Students will need to provide duty belts, ammunition, hearing protection, eye protection, and a bullet proof vest. Participants will wear attire appropriate for range training such as BDU pants, long or short sleeve shirt, hats with a brim or bill, and inclimate weather gear appropriate for the season.
Hosting Requirements: Hosting agency must supply range facilities with room to accommodate all courses of fire and classroom facilities. Minimum class size: 10 participants.

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