Missouri Concealed Carry Class

The Peacekeepers Training Missouri Concealed Carry Class covers all of the state mandated training and testing to certify you to carry a concealed weapon in the State of Missouri.  Our class goes beyond the basics to include advanced topics such as: interaction with law enforcement and locations of concealed carry.  Our class provides high quality training taught by experienced law enforcement professionals.  This course is recognized with the sheriffs in the following counties: Barry, Camden, Christian, Dallas, Greene, Laclede, Lawrence, Stone, Taney, & Webster.

NOTE: There is no provision in the law for a sheriff to refuse to accept a training certificate from a legitimate course that covers the required objectives and is taught by qualified instructors. However, some sheriffs may encourage you to take courses they have “approved” or taught by people they recommend.  Sheriffs have approval powers for the permit and could cause you to have to appeal if they will not accept a course certificate. You may want to check with your sheriff to request acceptance of a certificate from this course. You must apply for a permit in the county you reside.

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836-8974 for Cody Brewington

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  Pre-Payment is required. If you must cancel due to circumstances beyond your control, you may sign up for a future class. Your money will not be refunded.  The course may be rescheduled due to emergency circumstances of the instructor or other unforeseen circumstances concerning the facility.


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