Women’s Personal Protection Program

For Women Only

This course is the premier self defense program for women!  The course was designed by law enforcement professionals based on years of experience dealing with violence and criminal behavior.  Our instructors also have years of experience in teaching physical defensive skills to be performed in situations of high stress.  Participants of this course will be empowered with confidence about their own self protection.

The course curriculum is a comprehensive program incorporating both mental preparation and physical training.  The physical techniques and strategies are designed for a woman facing a male attacker of superior strength.  Anyone can have success in this course regardless of age, physical stature, ability, or physical impairment.

defense 4Course Topics:

  • Crime Prevention Strategies
  • Philosophies of Self Defense
  • Fear and Instinct
  • Winning Mindset
  • Physical Strategies of Self Defense
  • Personal Weapons
  • Strategic Targets of Human Anatomy
  • Use of Weapons
  • Criminal Profiles and Behavioral Cues
  • Effects of Stress on Combat

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