Training Courses

Defensive Tactics Instructor Program

The Peacekeepers Training Defensive Tactics Instructor Program is a challenging class that is designed to prepare the participants to train officers in a variety of empty hand and less lethal control tool combatives.

Firearms Instructor

This curriculum is POST approved for the state of Missouri. This course prepares participants to teach comprehensive lethal force survival skills as well as enhansing the skill development of numerous shooting techniques.

Missouri Concealed Carry Class

Peacekeepers Training has teamed with Missouri State University to bring you Missouri Concealed Carry Classes! Enjoy high quality training by law enforcement professional with all range training performed at an indoor range!

Professional Driving

Needing an update on the importance and legalities behind professional driving? Need some practice time to further develop your driving skills? This course offers you both and is Missouri POST approved!

Retired Officer’s Firearms Course

Peacekeepers Training has partnered with Missouri State University to provide retired law enforcement officers with a high quality firearms qualification course.

Security Officer Handgun

This 32 hour course is designed for agencies who have made the decision to transition from unarmed security to armed security staff. This program is patterned after basic law enforcement academy firearms training with a focus on the specific concerns o …

Tactical Building Searches

Are you ready to take your building search skills to the next level? Do you have new officers at your department and need consistent building search training? If so, this class is for you! We train buidling clearing utilizing two and three officer teams.

Women’s Personal Protection Program

This course is the premier self defense program for women! The course was designed by law enforcement professionals based on years of experience dealing with violence and criminal behavior. Participants of this course will be empowered with confidence about their own self protection.

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